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Crop and Soil Projects

*Located at the Child Legacy Center
The Facts
Composting Workshop

Row crop farming is the backbone of Malawi's agriculture industry. Malawi has two seasons: one hot and rainy and the other warm and dry. Profits from harvests of crops such as corn, tobacco and soybeans make up most of yearly income in rural Malawi. Over the years planting the same crops in the same field, burning fields at least once a year and harsh climates have depleted nutrients in the soil. Soil health is critical to abundant and profitable crops.

In January our staff provided training in composting, crop rotation and soil health to the farmers of Mtembe. The village was excited to implement a new composting system which they will first use to improve their vegetable gardens and then use a large scale system for their field crops. This summer Restore the Harvests hopes to help install composting toilets in the near future.

Victory Gardens

Victory gardens, or kitchen gardens, as they are commonly known as in Malawi offer a source of fresh produce year round. Restore the Harvest worked with the local church to start a seed sharing and saving program. Families were given tomato, squash and greens seeds to plant in small gardens around their homes.

Traditionally large gardens are planted in fields outside the village however small gardens are homes offer a source of nutritious vegetables year round instead of just during rainy season. This is achieved by utilizing waste water from cooking or bathing to provide for the plants.

Families will preserve seeds from seasons to season in order to replant for the next year.

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