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Our Vision and Values

Our Why & How: 

As the world changes how we address the world must change. As needs change, what we give must change. As we attain more knowledge, we have to gain more understanding. 


Here at Restore the Harvest we are no different. For seven years Restore the Harvest has served the communities of Malawi through civil unrest, drought, famine and a pandemic. What we have learned is that while we are called to serve and assist we are not called to lead in Malawi. We are not called to travel the world, enter communities for the first time and interrupt the lives of hardworking, kind and suffering people. 


So what are we called to do? We are called to listen. We are called to support and invest in local leaders on the ground. We are called to serve and the first step in serving has to be listening. We have spent the last two years listening to local leaders on the ground in Malawi and globally when they explain to us their challenges, their dreams and their visions for the future of their homes, families and countries. 


Collaborating on international locally led and focused projects allows us to serve from a distance through various administrative roles by using communication technologies available for the first time. This has led to the cultivation of sustainable local leadership in communities that didn’t and don’t need American leadership but has also fostered strong relationships between our US and global projects. 


As 2023 concludes we will spend the remainder of the year sharing updates regarding our commitment to serve the best and most effectively that we can. Our experiences in Malawi have taught us the value in decentering ourselves and wealth in aid work is extremely valuable in achieving sustainable results and protecting the integrity of all individuals involved. 

October 24, 2023

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