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If you are interested in being part of our team on one of our upcoming trips to Malawi please email

for more information.


By investing in the future of Restore the Harvest's work in Malawi you are helping families escape poverty and providing valuable tools and education which will serve their families for generations to come. 


Prayer is our first and foremost most important need. Please considering becoming a prayer partner for our organization and our sweet friends in Malawi. We believe God's provision will transform rural Africa.

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The Power of Your Dollar

Please consider the impact your donation could have on those trapped in extreme poverty today but also the impact your generosity could have on many generations to come.  Our hope is that your donation will be a part of ending the cruel cycle of hunger and suffering in Malawi.

$10,000 & Above – Fund an expansion to the educational farm or build a new educational center

$5,000 - Purchase a vehicle to be used by the Malawi staff to start new outreach programs in other villages that can not be reached by bike.

$1,000 - Provide a year’s wages for seasonal farm staff in Malawi

$500: Build a safe home for farm staff at the educational farm.

$100: Purchase a high quality male goat or pig in order to strengthen the genetics of the livestock in the village

$50: Provide a Agri-Schloarship for a woman or girl to enter into one of our entrepreneurship programs

$25: Support our crisis fund to help provide immediate medical attention and hunger intervention when needed

All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. Please contact us if you are interested in creating a program or site in honor or memory of a friend or loved one. If you choose to donate by check please address it to Restore the Harvest at 1211 Westside Lane Moneta, VA 24121.

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