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Press Release: Global Livestock Education Organization Launches

Bedford, VA - International development organization Restore the Harvest becomes first of its kind global livestock education organization to serve youth and adults around the world.

Restore the Harvest has provided agricultural education to small holder farmers in rural Southeast Africa for the last five years. By working alongside farmers to support and improve the efficiency of existing agricultural enterprises and provide grants for farmers to start sustainable agricultural ventures, the organization has seen communities be transformed. As a result families have established consistent income, accessibility to not just food but access to medical care and education has also increased.

Throughout the last five years Restore the Harvest and the farmers they work alongside have faced catastrophic flooding, extreme drought, violent political unrest, a global pandemic and now rising inflation. Despite those difficulties farmers were able to find success and economic growth in many project areas.

Founder Joy Powers explained, “The transition to work exclusively in the livestock industry came natural after seeing how successful and impactful specific projects have been.” Those projects included meat rabbit cooperatives, swine production workshops and community meat goat improvement programs.

In this next phase Restore the Harvest will be creating resources tailored to small holder farmers which can be easily translated and distributed globally and launching first of its kind youth programming offered through schools. The organization’s international headquarters will remain in Malawi and community workshops and grant programs will also continue however will now exclusively be centered on livestock production.

“Agricultural Education has been a privilege a lot of the world has been deprived of for far too long. Providing access to education creates the opportunity for communities to lift themselves out of generational poverty,” Powers said. The transition is expected to be completed by January 2023.

For more information or to get involved, visit RestoretheHarvest.Org



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